About Our Campsites

At Camp Goat hill we offer 5 Campsites to choose from, and each has a unique story of its own.

Campsite #1- Dreamcatcher

“Our first campsite Dreamcatcher is the first site we ever built so it has a special place in our hearts. Dreamcatcher’s tent and platform sits on top of a small ridge giving you a view across the property’s forest.”

Campsite#2- Ehnita (Moon)

While Ehnita is the 2nd site alphabetically, it was actually the the 3rd campsite we built. For Ethnita we followed up with the Mohawk word for Moon with this site. This site has great access to hiking trails throughout our property.

Campsite #3- Karahkwa (Sun)

Our Eastern most campsite on the property is what inspired us to name this site for the Mohawk  word for Sun.  If you look down and to your left you may see groups of Turkeys feeding on the forest floor.

Campsite #4- Yggdrasil (Tree of Life)

“Tree of Life” Rests amongst tall pines, strong Oaks and the night time hoot of our resident Owl.”

Campsite #5- Zemlock

This is our newest site and we built the deck completely from the land using timber and rocks to support the tent structure. The name is a mystery, but it may come from a local Woodsman famous in the Woodstock area.