Camping in Saugerties New York

Saugerties has been a camping and hiking hot spot for decades. Here’s the deal, whether you are coming to go camping in Saugerties for a few days, or simply coming for a day long hike. Here is some information you should know about this small Catskill Mountain town.

Before we go into the rich history of camping in Saugerties.

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History of Saugerties, NY

The history of Saugerties extends back well before the arrival of Dutch settlers in the 1600s. Saugerties was long the stomping grounds of native Americans who lived off of the land and invited Henry Hudson’s arrival with celebration in 1609. Celebrating his arrival with a feast and joyous celebration. Which gave rise to the name of the Hudson River, Saugerties is located upon.

First settled by the Dutch, the town was purchased from the Esopus Sachem Tribe in 1677. This tribe gave rise to the accompanying Esopus River which winds through much of the Catskills. In 1825, the population of Saugerties grew exponentially. Since its early roots, Saugerties has become an upstate attraction for its scenic Catskill Mountain views and is also renowned as an antiquing capital.

Waterfall while hiking in Saugerties NY

Sites to See While Camping in Saugerties

The town of Saugerties located in Ulster County New York is known for camping, hiking, and antiquing. While staying at our campground in Saugerties, you may enjoy seeing a few of the sites. One of the reasons camping in Saugerties is so popular is due to the nature that surrounds Saugerties. From the Hudson River to Woodstock, Saugerties is loaded with natural beauty.

Best of all, there is plenty of wildlife and plant life to enjoy while you are in the area. The rich wisdom of the native American cultures that were once more prominent in the Catskill mountains are still handed down through time.

While in Saugerties you may find:

  • Waterfalls,
  • Walking trails,
  • Kayaking,
  • Swimming,
  • Fishing,
  • and the following sites.
Opus 40 in Saugerties NY

The Gem of Saugerties- Opus 40

Opus 40 is hands down one of Saugerties most welll-known attractions. Often considered to be the Stonehenge of North America. The famous stone structure hosts more than 15,000 visitors from throughout the Hudson Valley and even the world.

The site was created over the course of 37 years by Harvey Fite. The site encompasses over 60 acres of forested paths, bluestone quarries, and meadows. Most impressive of all is the 6.5-acre earthwork structure.

Sloan Gorge Preserve

The closest attraction to our campground in Saugerties is the Sloan Gorge Preserve, which is located less than 1 mile away from the campground. While Camping in Woodstock New York be sure to check out this park.

“The trail through the Gorge will take you through a very scenic slice of the greater Catskills region, a beautiful hike any time of year. ….In short, Sloan Gorge presents us with a summary of the geological history of the Catskills” Download Sloan Gorges Brochure for more info.

Groceries in Saugerties

Some great local grocery stores to visit while camping in Saugerties, NY are:

  • Woodstock Meats
  • Mother Earth Storehouse
  • and Price Chopper

Last Note: Inquiring Minds bookstore is a great place to get a cup of coffee or pick up a few good reads.

Other Info on Camping in Saugerties

While Saugerties is a great place to camp there are several things to keep in mind during your stay. Here is some important information on your visit to the campgrounds in Saugerties, NY.

Wildlife in Saugerties

Some of the wildlife you may encounter while camping in Saugerties is very diverse. The Catskill Park that surrounds the campground is made up of over 286,000 acres. Therefore there is a range of local wildlife.

Many of the animals you may expect to run into like rabbits, chipmunks, and squirrels may be seen throughout the property.

While you might encounter a black bear grazing for food, these incidents are rare. Black bears are generally easily spooked, but be sure to store your food properly and don’t leave any out. On occasion you may see an eagle on the Saugerties-based campground too.

Common Plant Life in Woodstock

While at the campgrounds in Saugerties you may run into a diverse range of plants. With over 40 acres of property, there are many medicinal and edible plants, but also dangerous ones as well.

Therefore you will want to be watchful for poison ivy. While we try to keep poison ivy out of the area, with over 40 acres of property to manage some may have gone yet unnoticed.

Stinging nettles are also throughout the property. A native to the Catskill mountains, nettles are known for causing a temporary burning sensation when they are brushed up against. Fortunately, the pain generally dissipates within a few moments. Nettles are a common plant you may run into while hiking or camping in the Catskills.

if you have any questions about your stay at our tents in Saugerties. Feel free to reach out!