Camping in the Catskill Mountains

Looking for a Campsite in the Catskills?

Well, Camp Goat Hill is waiting for you! Whether you are looking for a week-long stay in nature, or a weekend getaway with some friends, our Catskill Mountain Campground is what you are looking for.

Located on the border of Woodstock New York and Saugerties zip code 12477, Camp Goat Hill is a 40-acre campground with 5 campsites. Each of our Catskill Mountain campsites offers a tent, porch, fireplace, fire pit, queen-sized bed, and more!

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Tent Camping in the Catskill Mountains

Camp Goat Hill is a campsite nestled in the Catskill Mountains. But we did not create the idea of camping in the Catskill Mountains. The Catskill Mountain Preserve makes up over 286,000 acres of pristine New York wilderness.

Tent camping in the Catskill Mountains has been a popular hobby for many of the residents of New York. But people come here from around the world too! While camping in our tents you can enjoy a spacious tent on a porch. Best of all each of our tents comes with a fireplace so that you can keep warm, even in the depths of winter.

Need supplies while you are comping? Don’t worry we have you covered. We offer several campsite services to make your stay even better.

Sites to See in the Catskill Mountains

There are many hiking trails for people of all ages. From the Sloan Gorge Preserve to Overlook Mountain and the Devil’s Tombstone Trail. There are trails for hikers of all ages to enjoy while they enjoy their camping experience.

Other sites to see are the world-famous Opus 40, Downtown Woodstock, and of course the famous Hunter Mountain Ski Resort. Throughout the Catskill mountains are 1000’s of miles of stone walls that have been standing for 100’s of years or more. Many of these ancient stone walls are on our property too, and you will likely notice them while you are camping.

Each of our 5 Campsites includes its own

  • Tent
  • Queen bed
  • Woodstove
  • Porch
  • Hammock
  • Outdoor grill
  • Outdoor chairs
  • and a Picnic table

If you have any questions about your stay at the campground in the Catskill Mountains, feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We would be glad to help you find out what you need to know!

We know that you will enjoy your stay whether you are looking for a campsite in Woodstock, New York, or simply want some time alone in the woods. Camp Goat Hill is the place to go!