Campsite Rules

  1. Please refrain from playing loud music.  No karaoke machines.  These sites are not intended for parties, celebrations or large gatherings.
  2. No Firearms. No Fireworks
  3. In line with traditional camping guidelines;  Leave no trace.  If you carry it in, carry it out (We do not charge a cleaning fee and ask that guests leave the sites in the same condition as they found them in). 
  4. TRASH:  Please take all of your refuse with you.  Please put all of your garbage (including toilet Bio Bags) in a garbage bag and you can deposit in one of our Bear Proof garbage cans at the end of our private drive.
  5. WOOD STOVE:  Please see laminated instructions inside tent for proper wood stove use or see video here..  Please only burn DRY, seasoned wood in wood stove  Paper and small fire starters ok.  NO Garbage, colored paper or colored cardboard or large duraflame logs in wood stove.
  6. FIRE PIT:  We’ve provided contained fire pit/grills at each of our sites.  Please keep fires contained inside the pits.  No ground fires nor large bonfires.  Please leave any hot ashes in outdoor fire pit to cool down. Feel free to forage dead wood off the forest floor for outdoor fire pit (not in Wood Stove please), however please refrain from cutting into live, standing trees.
  7. No outdoor shoes inside tent
  8. Bring everything you need.  Wood, water, food, bedding, matches, toilet paper, flashlights…..Feel free to reach out to take advantage of some of our DELIVERY SERVICES:  if you order a day in advance we can have wood, potable water and even set up your fire for you so that all you have to do is light a match and start your night in the woods.